Motor Insurance Services In UAE
All You Need To Know

In UAE, car insurance is a legal need for every car owner.

Motor insurance services in UAE benefit drivers in many ways. Like it protects the car owner from financial loss in case of an accident, theft, or damage caused to the vehicle, these insurance policies also cover repair-related costs.

Without car insurance, car owners would have to pay for all the expenses out of their wallets, which can be a financial burden. Moreover, car owners can be held liable for damages caused to others in an accident. Car insurance helps to protect car owners from these kinds of liability claims.

But remember that it is essential to choose the best companies for car insurance to get the best services and to avoid scams.




Third party Bodily Injury


Battery boost services


Car registration service


Fuel delivery services


Windscreen damage


Personal Accident Cover


Vehicle Towing Service


Off-road assistance

How to Claim Insurance In UAE?

When you have an accident or suffer a loss, you can lodge your claim with your insurance provider for repayment to cover the damage according to their insurance policy. The following are the processes to claim insurance in UAE.

1. Inform the Insurance Provider

The first step is immediately informing the insurance provider about the accident or loss. Give them all the information, such as the incident's location and time, the damage's extent, and contact information if other parties are involved.

2. Collect information

Gather information such as pictures of the damage, police records, and witness accounts to claim insurance. Keep all receipts for accident-related expenses, such as medical bills, towing fees, or car rental costs.

3. Fill Out the Claim Form

Fill out the insurance company's claim form and submit it with the supporting papers.

4. Assessment and Inspection

The insurance company will analyze the damages and may send a representative to check the vehicle and investigate the accident.

5. Settlement

After the evaluation, the insurance company will make a settlement offer based on the policy conditions. The insurance company will pay the agreed-upon sum if the automobile owner accepts.


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